Continuously Variable Transmission Fendt Operation

probleme boite vario fendt

probleme boite vario fendt

Operation of the continuously variable transmission from Fendt, Massey Ferguson, JCB, Challenger…

At low speed the transmission is 100% hydrostatic, i. e. an enormous torque and maximum speed at 100% mechanical.

Continuously variable transmission operation

This technology provides excellent performance.

The VARIO hydraulic gearbox combines the advantages of both technologies.

The hydrostatic transmission, which allows very low speed and enormous gearing and high precision.

But also in high speed, the transmission is totally mechanical which allows the best performance, because at the moment it is no longer in hydrostatic transmission.

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Repair VARIO gearbox FENDT Massey Ferguson

Transmission a Variation Continue Fonctionnement fendt

Transmission a Variation Continue Fonctionnement fendt

The Fendt vario gearbox allows the tractor’s speed to be infinitely and continuously variable.

There is only the field and road range, no need for other sprocketing and gear shifting, unlike the other tractor, which really does not change the speed range, because the part is very small.
The VARIO hydraulic continuously variable transmission was invented by the FENDT agricultural tractor brand in the 1980s, this innovative hydro-mechanical transmission was introduced by Fendt in 1996.

This type of hydro-mechanical transmissions is very complex and specific, its repair must be carried out by an experienced hydraulic expert.

You have at the bottom some pictures that will allow you to understand what the inside of a vario box looks like.

On the video below put on the microphone and listen to the explanations about how it works.

If you want a more detailed explanation of the operation, or a technical problem or explanation, please contact us directly, we are also at your service for all your vario repairs.

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Below an essential element in the regulation and operation of the gearbox vario splits, it is about 2 separate hydraulic block, it allows the regulation of HP maxi pressure, the converter function, safety system and which allows to roll in low speed this problem, the case with the filter allows to regulate, pilot pressure, servo control, gavage pressure, bleed pressure.

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